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Meet one of our administrators in charge of most of our promotional content for Her name is Tina and she is the one responsible for making this blog as good as it looks. In a clean, responsive magazine format. The images delivered in this blog are selected by the highest of quality standards. This is why you will have to look no where else to find the best images of hosiery and high heels fashion!

She favors her looking down. IJS.
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@DeeAne_A: Deevine Anonyme in Designer Pantyhose, Tights, and Pumps Feature Fashion Blogger: Deevine Anonyme

Shout out to @DeeAne_A. Love this look, so we had to blog it. Everyone follow this fashion blogger. She can pull off some nice and colorful looks! Keep it up Diane! We love Sistas with style and class, especially those who can sport hosiery and heels effectively, so we want to thank you and feature your blog for others to follow.

Visit her blog and follow:

Here is a post pick we chose from her today. Check it out.

Entitled: “Climber on the Line” seams. Great Tights!! Proof light tights look swell on darker skin tones.

Author Quotes: “White tights/pantyhose look great on dark skin tone. Trust me, I know! You are such a cute African model. Love the seams, you have great legs too!”
~Todd Mitchell

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Phoenix Luve in Leotard, Pantyhose & High Heels

Pantyhose Clad Racequeens in High Heel Pumps Aren’t Only in Japan.

In this set, our model Pheonix shows off her lovely curves in a one piece leotard, invisibly ultra sheer denier pantyhose and high heeled pumps. You will DEFINITELY want to see her entire set at!
So sheer, they are barely noticeable on her legs!…
Her pantyhose along with signed board is for sale. Just message us for details! (Limited Time!)