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Pendeza Pantyhose- Denier



Topic: The different types of denier used to make pantyhose

How well do you know your denier? Denier is basically used to describe the thickness of pantyhose. The higher the number, the higher the density of the material.

In today’s article we’ll discuss the different types of denier used to make pantyhose and why we believe 15 denier is the best material for your pantyhose…


What does the denier scale range from?

Denier thicknesses can range from a grade 5 all the way up to 200. Denier is very flexible and adaptable, so you can create different looks and styles depending on the type used. Pantyhose with a denier under 15 is really light and sometimes called ‘ultrasheer’, whereas denier above 80 is very dark and can completely ‘black out’ your legs.

Whilst it’s useful to try a variety of different denier styles, that can be quite an expensive task with so many types available. With our years of experience retailing pantyhose, we recommend trying denier 15 – it’s comfortable, stylish and creates a beautiful classic feel to your tights, as you’ll find out below…

What’s the best type of denier?

At Pendeza, we prefer using 15 denier. This is quite frequently called ‘sheer’. It’s a traditional and incredibly popular style of denier that suits the classic look of pantyhose. 15 denier is very versatile, so you can use it for the office and more formal events, or you can switch it up and use 15 denier pantyhose for evening wear.

15 denier also has a light and natural look, so it gives your legs a beautiful tone. After carefully considering the vast range of denier available, nothing could compare to the natural, beautiful look that 15 denier offers. We also like the fact that this material doesn’t rip or snag so often when compared to other densities, meaning it’s reliable, durable and long lasting. The comfort offered from denier 15 is like no other, so you don’t have to compromise fashion for feel when wearing our pantyhose.

Why are there so many different types of denier?

You can match the type of denier with a person’s skin tone and create a different type of look and feel, which is one of the main reasons why there are so many different types of denier. Here are some of the other top reasons why there’s such a vast range in denier:

  • Comfort
  • Feel
  • Skin types and tones
  • Seasonality and climate
  • To match your pantyhose denier with your outfit

Why the denier isn’t always clear cut

As the pantyhose industry has progressed, the classification of denier isn’t always as clear as it used to be. For example, you might have a 15 denier that actually looks like a 10 denier because of it’s finish, meaning it looks lighter and thinner that it actually is. Different styles of denier, such as a matte finish compared to a sheer finish, means this can make your legs look darker or more toned than other varieties.

So with the above guide, you’ll now know what denier is, the full range available and why we truly believe denier 15 is the perfect density for your pantyhose. If you have any questions or need some advice, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.